Electricity is one of the most useful forms of energy. It is used to run various appliances suggestively Amazon music system, computer, refrigerator, heaters etc. they work only when electric current flows through them. Electrical energy can be transformed into several forms of energy. In a light bulb, electrical energy is transformed into heat and …

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Food and Nutrition

Food is the basic requirement for survival of all living organisms. animals depend directly or indirectly on green plants to obtain food. The process of taking food and getting energy for it form growth and development is called nutrition. Energy is released when food substances present in living cells breakdown chemically through a process of …

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बल व घर्षण

यदि आप किसी वस्तु को खींचते या ज्यादा धकेलते हैं तो आप उस पर बल आरोपित करते हैं। यदि वह वस्तु दृढ़ता पूर्वक नहीं बंधी है तो वह गति करेगी। सभी बल वस्तु की गति में परिवर्तन करते हैं। परंतु किसी वस्तु को गति में रखने के लिए बल आवश्यक नहीं होता है।जब तीर को …

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Use of scientific instrument

Uses of Scientific Instruments

Here i am giving a list of 51 instrument and brief use of that instrument. Uses of Scientific Instruments is given below. Uses of Scientific Instruments Accumulator: Electrical energy is stored. Altimeter: Used in aircraft for measuring altitudes. Ammeter: Measure the electrical current in ampere Anemometer: Measuring the strength of winds. Audiometer: Measuring intensity of …

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