Refrigerator & Pressure Cooker

Refrigerator & Pressure cooker working

Refrigerators and air conditioners both work on the principle of cooling through evaporation and as the pressure rises, the temperature of the water and steam inside the sealed pot (the pressure cooker) also rises above the normal 100ºC (212ºF) boiling point temperature. Refrigerator & Pressure Cooker Table of Contents Refrigerator & Pressure CookerRefrigeratorPressure CookerAdditional : Reactor scale Refrigerator & Pressure Cooker Refrigerator When …

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Water Colour Purity

In this article of Water: Colour & Purity, we will see scientifically about the colour of water, the spherical shape of a liquid drop, the colour of a waterfall and at last the purity of water. Table of Contents Water Colour PurityReason of Spherical shape of water dropWaterfallPurity of rainwaterEffect of air when water raining Water …

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Indian Climate Vegetation and Wildlife

Indian Climate Vegetation and Wildlife

Indian Climate Indian Vegetation and Indian Wildlife, these are the topic which are interlinking each other which we can see in this post Table of Contents What is weather?Seasons recognized in India (Indian Climate)Cold weather seasonHot weather seasonSouth West Monsoon Season or Rainy seasonSeason of retreating monsoon or AutumnWeather affect or not ?Natural VegetationTypes of …

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