Priya Srivastava

Priya Srivastava is an author at Resultinfo. She writes post mostly on human psychology. She writes articles mostly in the English language. She has written many posts in other website too.

Back Pain

The back pain which is spelt in the bad usually originates from the bones joint muscles. It may be in the lumbar region. It may be spontaneous or can be chronic. It can be constant stay in one place or radiate to other parts such as arms, hips and legs. It may give a feeling …

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Factors affecting the working capital requirements

there are many factors that affects the working capital. Here i am providing some most important factors. Nature of business The basic nature of the business influences the amount of working capital required trading. Organisation usually needs a small amount compared to a manufacturing organisation. This is because there is usually no processing therefore there …

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Methods to remove stress


Yoga is a universal truth that is the age of stress tension and anxiety days most of the people have not been leading a happy and fruitfully life. They are intelligent in the material is they are running after money for such people money is mother, money is father, money is God, in money is …

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Financial Market

You all know, that business needs finance from the time and entrepreneur makes the decision to start it. It needs finance both for working capital requirements such as payments for raw materials and salaries to its employees and fixed capital expenditure. such as the purchase of machinery for – building or to expand its production …

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Doping is the word, which is used in the field of sports, when athletes use prohibited substance or methods to unfairly improve their sports performance. In general terms, it is the use of performance-enhancing substances or method athletes to gain an advantage over their competitors. In fact, some athletes take illegal substances to enhance their …

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