Back Paper

Back Paper is a chance to give the paper again. In some paper we know what mistakes I have done. So by the back paper student can improve their marks by neglecting their mistakes.

University have the right to change the rules and anything related to back paper at any time.

Every year the university decides the following

  • In how many Papers a student can fill the back Paper Form?
  • What fee should be to fill the back paper form?
  • When and in how many days the exam will be conducted?

Overall goal is to get good marks in the marksheet.


Difference Between Back Paper, Improvement

To understand back paper well,
The difference between the back paper and improvement exam can help more.

back paper

Example of Back Paper

Mark in Annual ExamMark in Back Paper ExamFinal Marks for Marksheet

Example of Improvement

Mark in Annual ExamMark in Improvement ExamFinal Marks for Marksheet
  • Improvement is always beneficial for Student because the total marks of a student will always increase not decrease.
  • Every university has the right to change the rule related to back paper/ improvement every year.

Similarity between back paper and Improvement

The improvement and both having similarities and differences who discussed below.

  • The form of both improvement and back paper is the same.
  • The mark sheet of both back paper and improvement is the same.
  • The exam of both is same.
  • Improvement is the option for the student to improve their marks.(if student want to increase that)
  • Back paper is forcefull to the student that he/she must fill that form and must pass this exam.
  • the result of both declared on the same day. MARKSHEET distribution is the same for both the student.

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